About Toverlux

Welcome to our about page where we share a little bit about ourselves

Allow us to introduce ourselves—Femke and Annefleur, two individuals who share not only the journey of life as wives, mothers, and friends of over 25 years but also the vision behind the company where it all started: Het Wol Feetje.

In Het Wol Feetje, we found a haven where our creative spirits are free to unite and flourish.  Within our designs, we try to make our profound connection to the world tangible, driven by a commitment to beauty and attention to detail.

The Birth of Toverlux

Our illuminated creations are special to us and we recognized the magic behind the light, how it asked to be shared on a larger scale.

A longing to extend the luminosity beyond our own horizons took root—an aspiration to unite with other gifted artists, each contributing their unique facets to The Magic Lamp, Magic Window Frame, and Light Wishes.

The world you now step into is a manifestation of our shared adoration for light, brought to life through the collective talents of visionary artists. It is with immense pleasure that we introduce you to this world, a world we've lovingly christened "Toverlux."

Step into the magic, and let the illumination of our collective artistry brighten your journey.

Warm regards,
Annefleur and Femke✨

About Annefleur
Annefleur lives in the picturesque Naarden-Vesting, where she shares her life with her husband, Chris, and their two beautiful daughters, Sofie and Lotte.

Annefleur's journey has been shaped by personal experiences and her background in funeral care, leading her to embrace a profound connection with the essence of life itself. She endeavors to live with the understanding that life transcends the individual, cherishing each moment, whether small or significant.

An affinity for anthroposophy has always guided her, drawn by its warmth, rich narratives, and its ability to connect with life in a broader context—fostering a deep connection with nature and with one another.

Annefleur's path led her to needle felting, a craft that entered her life at a moment of need. In times when words faltered, her hands found expression. Wool, with its innate warmth and comforting embrace, became her chosen medium. To this day, Annefleur continues to sculpt emotions and sentiments into tangible woolen paintings, a timeless testament to the power of art to convey the depths of feeling.

About Femke
Femke resides in the vibrant city of Amsterdam alongside her husband and two spirited children. From the very moment she crossed paths with Annefleur, a connection formed that she holds dear. In recent years, she observed with profound admiration as Annefleur transformed grief into love and gratitude, an alchemy beautifully manifested in her woolen paintings.

Femke has a rich family history rooted in Amsterdam, all hard workers and entrepreneurs at heart. In the world of Het Wol Feetje and Toverlux, she found her niche—orchestrating the practical aspects that underpin their creative journey. The intricacies of product development, the ever-evolving technological landscape, and direct interactions with suppliers, stores and cherished customers, all find resonance within her role. Collaborating alongside Annefleur feels both instinctive and harmonious, as they meld their unique strengths into a singular vision.