Tijana Draws



Meet Tijana from Tijana Draws

My paintings and illustrations are inspired by magical and in some cases even metaphysical realms, they contain traces of folklore, fairy tales, mythology, and love for nature woven into the everyday life of a mother, book lover, or a daydreamer. Celebration of nature and motherhood is often one and the same, intertwined in one moment captured in the painting.
In my work, I try to share my observations of the ever-changing seasons and my will to be more in tune with nature and the wheel of the year.
Painting is my profession but also a therapy where I explore my inner mind and try to bring up those deep down buried thoughts into the light of my paper. I am facing my fears, illuminating my unconscious mind, and walking through the forest of my childhood memories.
Thank you so much for being here and keeping me company on my journey to understand this complex universe of worlds inside and outside of us.

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