Don't just read a story; step into it with StoryLux

Enjoy a captivating mix of storytelling and beautiful light art. As you turn the pages of your favorite book, let your child change the silhouettes in the Toverlux Lamp and watch its scenes come alive, turning your reading time into an interactive journey.

A cherished bedtime ritual

Make "StoryLux" your new family tradition, a time of magic at the end of each day. Ignite your child's imagination and create moments of warmth and wonder as you read together, enveloped in the softly glowing scenes of the Toverlux Lamp. 

The Toverlux Lamp is dimmable and can also be used as a night light, guiding your child into dreamland with its narrative still playing whimsically in their thoughts.

Redefine storytelling in the classroom and daycare
The magic of StoryLux isn't confined to the bedroom. It's equally at home in the classroom, adding a touch of coziness and wonder to educational settings. Foster a love for reading and create a moment of shared attention within the group. Invite children to a comforting space where they can feel safe to explore, learn, and dream.