Kapitein Kalk

Meet Geertje from Kapitein Kalk
Allow me to introduce Geertje Kapteijns, a talented visual artist whose creative
journey unfolds in the picturesque city of Dordrecht, nestled in the heart of the

Geertje has painted and drawn for years and started making blackboard drawings
when her eldest was in 1st class of Waldorf education.
Not being a Waldorf student herself she had been ‘educated’ alongside her child
during kindergarten in the ways of Waldorf education. The clear structure and
rhythm throughout the year in following the seasons and the celebrations, the
importance for a child to be able to play and the stimulation of creativity made her
appreciate her skills as an artist again. So, when her eldest started in 1st grade in 2019, there were blackboards!

“At first, I was triggered by the memory of some of my own primary teachers working
on the blackboard. I had one teacher in 3rd grade who made real artworks and those
drawings also stimulated me in drawing. Being a very image-sensitive child – and
grown-up - myself, the use of blackboard drawings to support the time of year in spirit
and to aid visualize that what was being learned, really spoke to me. Secondly, I
wanted to try and do it for myself. I got some MDF panels and blackboard paint and made my own blackboards.

Now, I am a full-time artist and my blackboard drawings have become a collection of
cards and posters available worldwide. I hope that my drawings help children to dream and wonder and that it helps us grown-ups to keep relating to our inner child. I also hope that it stimulates teachers to keep on using the blackboard and draw.”

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