Eentje van Margo

Meet Margo from Eentje van Margo

I am Margo, and my love for the art of drawing has been a lifelong affair. The act of drawing, for me, is like a symphony of joy that has consistently woven itself through the tapestry of my life, even when it wasn't taking center stage.

As our children have grown and gained independence, the canvas of my life has expanded to accommodate more time and space for self-expression. This newfound freedom has allowed me to delve deeper into my craft, gradually unveiling my unique artistic style.

Now, as I stand at this juncture in life, I am determined in my mission and deeply passionate about it. My aspiration is to share my distinctive artistic voice with the world. With each stroke of my pencil, I embark on this artistic journey, where my soul meets the canvas, and my art finds its way into the hearts of those who behold it.

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