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Welcome to the Illuminated World of Toverlux

At Toverlux, we invite you to slow down and cherish family moments through the warm glow of our lamps.

We are Femke and Annefleur, co-founders of Toverlux, created from the nurturing environment of Het Wol Feetje, where our vision to bring creativity and connection to life was born. Inspired by Waldorf principles, our wooden lights go beyond simple illumination; they are gateways to enchantment, capturing the beauty of the seasons and the charm of fairytales.

Our wooden products trace their origins to a deep-rooted passion for natural beauty and sustainable craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in a socially responsible wood shop in the Netherlands, from ethically sourced birch wood, embracing the unique characteristics and imperfections of the material to bring warmth and authenticity to your space.

Our hope for our Toverlux Lamps, Frames, and Lanterns, is to remind you to slow down and create magical, warm moments with your loved ones. As you explore our collection and choose Toverlux Silhouettes, StoryLux bundles and Toverlux Shades for special events and seasonal changes, may they ignite your imagination and inspire you to cherish every moment.

About Annefleur & Femke
Annefleur, residing in the picturesque Naarden-Vesting with her family, is the creative soul of Toverlux. Her meticulous attention to detail and her passion for fairytales, Waldorf principles, and anthroposophy are evident in every enchanting Toverlux creation. Her deep commitment extends beyond her family to fostering meaningful connections and collaborations that enhance our community and products.

Femke, based in vibrant Amsterdam, is the operational powerhouse of Toverlux.
Her technical expertise steers our marketing, communications, and product development, ensuring vision becomes a reality. Together with Annefleur, she transforms innovative ideas into magical, tangible products that invite warmth into your home.

Together, Annefleur and Femke invite you into Toverlux’s magical world. Let our creations illuminate your home and celebrate life’s special moments with warmth and wonder.