Het Wol Feetje

Meet Annefleur from Het Wol Feetje
Annefleur's journey into the world of wool painting began as a deeply personal response to a profound loss in her life. In the midst of grief, she found solace and comfort in the softness and warmth of wool, a material that seemed to echo the soothing rhythms of nature. With each gentle stroke, she allowed her fingers to express the emotions that words could not capture, drawing inspiration from the tranquility of the Waldorf-inspired philosophy that had always resonated with her.

As time passed, Annefleur's connection to the wool and nature deepened, and she discovered a remarkable talent within herself. What began as a therapeutic outlet evolved into an extraordinary passion. Before she knew it, her creative journey had yielded a vast and diverse collection of wool paintings, each a testament to her profound emotional journey and her Waldorf-inspired reverence for the natural world.

From this transformative journey emerged Het Wol Feetje, a company co-founded by Annefleur and her closest friend, Femke. Over the past few years, Femke has observed with deep admiration as Annefleur transformed grief into love and gratitude, giving birth to her beautiful woolen paintings. Assuming responsibility for the pragmatic facets of Het Wol Feetje harmonizes seamlessly with Femke's own passions, encompassing the creative processes that breathe vitality into the products, the ever-evolving technological dimensions, and the direct interactions with customers. Collaborating with Annefleur on this endeavor feels instinctive. Together, they form a harmonious and formidable team, united by their shared dream.

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