Vogel Geluk

Meet Linda Lammerts van Bueren from Vogel Geluk

Hello everyone, I'm Linda Lammerts van Bueren, a visual artist from the Netherlands, specializing in creating transparencies. Transparencies are artworks crafted using multiple layers of tissue paper, which come alive in a fairytale-like manner as soon as light passes through them. My journey with transparencies began occasionally when my children were attending a Waldorf school. Over time, this interest grew, and in 2016, I established ‘Vogel Geluk’ and made the decision to pursue a full-time career as a transparency artist. From that point forward, my days have been filled with vibrant colors and light. The interaction between light and the various colors and layers gives a unique, magical quality to the transparencies, which I find enchanting. I am excited to join the Toverlux collective and feel honored to be among such incredible artists who create Magic Silhouettes. I look forward to participating in this Toverlux journey, which promises to bring endless magical moments to numerous homes.

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