Baukje Exler

Meet Baukje Exler

My name is Baukje Exler and I've been an artist for over the past 20 years. My specialty is with oil pastels. I am so enthusiastic about this technique that I love to share it and inspire many others who wish to learn it as well. My work encompasses both figurative and abstract art, with a focus on abstract landscapes. I apply the pastels layer by layer and blend them with a cloth. In each piece, I seek the interplay between color and light. My goal is to draw the viewer into my artwork, towards the light, allowing them to momentarily drift away and be touched by the play of colors.

In addition to teaching this technique on a daily basis, I also work on commissioned pieces, run an art rental service, and design original art cards. My wish is to bring joy to many people with atmospheric light cards that, when looked upon, nourish the soul with their colors and light.

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